mind the gap.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

the past few days i've had a very dear friend staying with me all the way from california, so posts will be light as i try and balance the craziness of work, the holidays, and taking the time to have quality moments and nyc adventures. oh, the whirlwind that is december. my, this year has been a big one... and so many thoughts, finally, so many thoughts!

tyler is pure comfort to me. so far, we've been doing normal things like equinox, trader joes, laundry, and going to the movies {frozen is a must-see!}. but, i've also been dragging him on random and spontaneous adventures around the city like brooklyn, tribeca, and bryant park to name a few. it is his first time in the big apple, after all.

we met in college and have been by each other's side ever since. he opens doors and walks on the busy side of the street, and even carries my heavy bags. he is charismatic, bold, passionate, curious, and follows his heart and intuition without looking back {and ladies, he's single too! just saying.} from santa barbara to san francisco to exploring new lives in different cities (him la, me nyc) he's been a constant to me for so many years, and i am grateful for our relationship that withstands time and distance. i think it's incredibly important for women to have good, quality men in their lives, so lucky lucky me. thank you for always looking out for me, friend. your care for me makes my life so much sweeter and you are without a doubt my definition of a guardian angel.

so anyways, my loves, see you around soon, okay? may we all be grateful for those constant and steady friendships in our lives.

ps. the mind the gap title is really borrowed from my dear friend in london. i miss you, sister!


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