guardian angels. featuring ms. audrey m.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

so, i've been brewing on this post for quite some time now. not sure where to begin.

guardian angels.

we all have them.

this term recently popped into my head when a certain out of the ordinary situation came into my life. if there's ever a way to find your truest of true, it's to observe who flits and flutters and flies around you when you're in an important, new, and scary situation.

does that make sense? literally feel the wings of your best friends protecting you, wishing you nothing but the best. to be brave. to be bold.

how fantastic. i've searched for friends like this my entire life. and i've found them. how lucky am i?

i'd like to start sporadically featuring my guardian angels on my blog. to share their love with the world. to let them know how important they are to me. to celebrate them and their existence and the goodness they bring to the world - especially my world.

exhibit a.

a for audrey. meet her.

isn't she just darling?

aud and i have a special language. we quack. we don't talk, we quack.

i once found this little drawing on the muni.

i immediately snapped a photo and texted it to her. the universe was trying to tell us something that day.

i think, though, that the universe is trying to tell us something every day.

that we were meant to be friends.

the special thing about audrey is her sincere love for her friends. oh the countless hours we've "quacked" and she's helped me through my deepest fears and problems. oh the many many giggles and tears we've shared.

i want to take this moment to congratulate her on her BIG accomplishment. yes, ladies and gentleman, my quack sister got into the ever-competitive georgetown mba program. hip hip hurray!!

i have this vivid memory of a phone call from her last october. it was the middle of applications and essays and tests and we all know what it's like to get pushed to the end of our rope. she was having a bit of a moment so to speak. aud, i want you to reflect back on that time and BE PROUD. you got through it. relish in your success. we all have to go through the rough patches to experience the goodness. i'm just so thrilled i got to be here every step of the way with you.

what i mean is...from the bottom of my heart... i'm so happy i got lucky enough for you to choose me, little 'ol me, as a friend.

i'm going to miss audrey living four blocks from me more than words could possibly express. but our friendship is for a lifetime. that's how guardian angel friends work.

thanks for being my angel.


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