Thursday, March 17, 2011

i wanted to share (aka mostly selfishly remember for myself) this amazing note a dear friend wrote for me.

back story.
a well-known copywriter in the advertising world released an ad in dailycandy SF yesterday redirecting readers to here. he wants to find love. and is offering $10k to the person who finds him his future wife. sounds sketchy, but if you read up, it's actually quite comical...and endearing.

this kind of task is right up stace's alley. based on his website, she so creatively and kindly came up with this:

...you can keep your $10k when you marry GINA MARTINI.

or, how about you just promise me that the $10k can be put towards the fabulous party of a wedding day that the two of you will have???

as of this moment, you're probably inundated with emails so i'll make it kind of snappy...after scrolling thru you're photos here are a few reasons why i think the two of you would make a great match.

example a) she knows how to read... AND she'll read the genius words of SHEL to you each night in her most angelic voice, as the two of you are tucked into your comfy bed.

example b) she loves san francisco too. she'll be right by your side jumping into the bay and with her always happy and vibrant optimism...she's bound to make you feel HUGE even with any shrinkage that may occur.

example c) she believes music is the soundtrack to life. she wants to listen, dance, and find her favorite songs within your music collection. and as a bonus, one of her best friends just happens to work at the house that harold and maude was filmed at (i noticed that was the album of choice for your shoot). if you get married, i bet she'd pack up you & your record player and head down there to dance and be whimsy ala harold & maude.

example d) she embraces her inner monkey...check it out.

example e) she's got game when it comes to words with friends, so i'm pretty sure she can hold her own at the real version too.

example f) gina is hands down one of the truly happy souls that i know. she'll bring your 8/10th's to a full cup for sure... or if you wanted to quote jerry mcguire, "she'd complete you"

... i could keep going but i want you to find some of this stuff out for yourself. i wouldn't have wasted my time emailing you if i didn't think she was legit. i just hope you're as good as you seem in pixels.

love, cupid.

honestly, i'm just so so so flattered. and grateful. thank you. i hope he emails you back, because this could turn into a fun adventure.


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