stoop sessions.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

read this post as if we're sitting on a stoop. life chats feel like they should happen there, right?

i haven't felt like writing much lately. gah! {i am so embarrassed to admit it}.

my one year anniversary of living in this great big city happened this week. february second to be exact. one year! i'm not going to get all cliché on you guys and say that it flew by {even though they always do, don't they?}.

with this milestone comes a few choices to be made, like do i sign another one year lease? i don't want my path to be dictated by my lease, but it is a realistic factor. over the past year, there were times when i thought i couldn't stay any longer. but there were also times i was so in love with this place i never wanted to leave. and so, although i don't listen to the clash, the should i stay or should i go? lyric is on repeat in my head.

i'm not ready to leave. not yet. but i'm also not ready to commit to staying a whole year. i know i know what you're thinking, wasn't your twenty fourteen mantra 'settle in?' it sure was.

writing this, i think i need to follow the pursuit of this blog, to embrace it happening. i've got one year under my belt. i'm tougher, really. i've found a beautiful group of people. yes, things could be better. but they always can be. and right now, there's nowhere else i feel like i should be. yes, i get entranced by the west coast sunshine {thank you for those #nofilter's, instagram friends}. yes i get envious of backyards and spacious homes and no lines at trader joes. but maybe it's not time for that yet. i want it, but it also doesn't feel like it's naturally happening just yet. so until it feels natural, this is where i'll be.

in the spirit of making decisions, i was inspired by a dear friend to make a priority list. it goes something like this, written in an unfiltered way, and a very specific order.

one. get more sleep.
two. find time everyday to move, exercise, and get endorphins to feel good about myself.
three. ingest healthy food to sustain me.
four. be more open to meeting a guy by not being afraid to make connections no matter where i am.
five. be a good human - friend, sister, daughter, mentor - send cards, listen, be thoughtful.
six. take a little more time for myself - turn off the email, and make a conscious effort to separate work from life {this means take a true vacation soon!}.
seven. continue to excel at my job and be a sponge - learn all that i can and contribute to the greater good of aol.
eight. in the way back of my head, start slowly but surely crafting the next endeavor in my life while still honoring the phase that i'm in now.
/// know what they say, put it out there in the universe. no shame! ask and you shall receive. this next year is going to be about finding balance in this place. and being open to it all. no looking forward. no looking back. just being present.

i hope this inspires you to do the same. see you on the stoop soon for more life chats, my friends!

*photos via my iphone - taken in gramercy park, nyc.


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