Thursday, January 3, 2013

all we talk about around here these days is moving and list-making. so it seems. yaaaawn! i am certain i can give you more. i need to.

it's twenty thirteen. wow. i kind of forgot to stop and think about that. like really think about it. i am too busy playing and planning instead of reflecting on this beautiful moment. twenty twelve was filled with goodness. there was some bad, of course, but you know a year has been good when you can look back at it and smile... tell it thank you for happening, and watch it slowly saunter into the distance. i hope all the years of my life are like this, remembered as good.

i read this post i wrote exactly one year ago and almost broke down into tears. all i can think of is that i did it. i lived how i wanted to live. and while we're all just works in progress, we're also manifesting our best selves.

i can't stop thinking about this word, manifesting. it came to me from an incredibly kind comment from an instagram friend on my big news post and quite frankly, i can't quite get it out of my head. it reads, love it! big congrats! manifesting your dreams :)

at first glance i thought, who me? and the more it sunk in, the more i believed it. yes, me. 

after reading this post by my sweet friend on her blogi can't help but think manifest just might be my word for twenty thirteen.

m a n i f e s t.

make happen. live fully. embody. exude. be open. warmth. love. express. proclaim. show yourself to the world.

...all words and phrases i vow to remember this year. all while occupying a new space in completely new situations with entirely new people. ready, go!

may we all manifest our dreams this year, sweet peas.

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