Wednesday, January 23, 2013

we walked. and we walked and talked. we chased the evening light all the way home, but somehow it felt like it was following us. during our last few moments on this clear and still sunday night stroll, she asked me what are you going miss most about your life in san francisco? 

thank you for asking is the first thing that came out of my mouth. because i could genuinely thank minnie for everything she says, since it's all just so perfect.

well, this, for one. and i'm going to miss the simple things. like walks to work. and my daily routine. and yoga. and quality time with the people i love. and my apartment. and just how content my life is here.

and she replied, but you will get all of those things there...

that's when i realized that it doesn't take much to create a content life for yourself. you can take the girl out of her foundation, but you can't take the foundation out of the girl. because all she needs is just a few good friends who nurture her soul. a solid routine filled with inspiring work. a cozy place to call home. good health, endorphins, and love. the thing is, we create the love, don't we? so let's create it, no matter where we are.

*photo taken on my iphone5, enhanced with picfx.


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