Friday, January 11, 2013

all i want to do is write.

the words take a while to come. the right words, that is. a whole long while. but eventually they come. and the floodgates open and inspiration hits. and it pours. like a rush of white light shining through my consciousness. steady now, sweet words 'o mine i want to tell them.

i was on a plane this morning and it dawned on me that writing is a whole lot like flying. and, not just any flying. the early morning kind.

it starts out dark. we are a whole mess of sleepiness and confusion. and then before we know it, we're soaring high above the world below us. we enter a universe that exists only within ourselves, above the clouds. our own safe, quiet, and protected universe where we must surrender control. the light {like the words} seeps in slowly, a swirl of all sorts of magical reds… and blues… and oranges. and then there is only brightness. we shine. we are blinded by the white light. we float, enduring the often bumpy ride, but we remain still within ourselves.

we are steady.

before we know it, we are back down to earth again amongst the noise. it's here we wait for the next time we get to soar, all the while grateful for the journey.

i was telling a friend the other day i wish i could write more. to feel that focused and mindful consciousness a little more often. maybe i need to take up flying.

tell me, as a writer, what is your experience like?

*song inspiration for this post: ben howard. pics from my iphone.


  1. Great pics! Love your blog-keep up the good work!! ~Parlor Girl


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