be mindful.

Monday, November 25, 2013

i watched this video today and found it incredibly helpful especially for a girl who has struggled with mindful eating herself, particularly on holidays.

what i found most profoundly true:
we must honor our digestive system. we can be so abusive to our digestive system. a lot of great holistic doctors say how the digestive system is the soul of our being. it's like our spirit. and if we're blocking our digestive system we're blocking our creative source.
let's remember these wise words this upcoming season and vow to treat ourselves well so that our creativity is always thriving. i know i'm going to work on it because i can relate to feeling blocked when i'm too full. also, if you haven't checked out the spirit junkie, i highly recommend it. she's the modern day guru.

happy early thanksgiving, my grateful beings! 


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