this is the voice.

Monday, November 18, 2013

you guys. the voice. the voice! is it just me or are you as into this show as i am? oh, please say yes! it's one big happy family, and i want to be a part of it.

maybe its adam, maybe it's the coaches' chemistry, maybe it's cole or caroline, but whatever it is, monday and tuesday nights are some of my favorites these days {yes, even mondays!}.

last week, i was lucky enough to get to go to the victoria's secret fashion show {more on that pinch me moment later} where i was just feet away from mr. levine himself. i watched him gaze at his love walk the runway and really all i wanted to do was go ask him about turning chairs, what's in his starbucks cup, and who does he really want to win the voice?

today i am grateful for the little things in life like adam levine and the voice.

p.s. do you remember these swoon worthy gentleman? well, adam should be added to this list immediately. in fact, did you hear the rumors he's going to be 2013's sexiest man alive? yes, please!

p.p.s. an old tv obsession here.

*thank you, pinterest, for this gem of a photo.


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