Wednesday, May 9, 2012

i woke up from a long night of dreaming that taylor kitsch was my boyfriend. i blame all of the reading about christian grey. this stuff goes to your head, i tell ya!

so today i'm inspired to give you a roundup of my all-time favorite heartthrobs just like i did for my wannabe gal pals.

so, you lovely ladies you, after some intense research i've narrowed down to my four all time fave men to swoon over. in a very specific order, meet scott speedman {you had me at felicity}, ryan gosling {you had me at the notebook}, taylor kitsh {you had me at friday night lights}, and zac efron {you had me at the lucky one}. you'll notice i don't discriminate in age, we're all over the board, dolls! age twenty four to thirty seven.

what a fun project this has been! i encourage you to do the same. and daydream about meeting one of them someday. hey, it could happen!

until then you sexy things, please keep appearing in my dreams.



  1. now that the rights to the movie have been picked up, i've got fingers crossed that mr. gosling gets the part of mr. grey ;) rawr.


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