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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the other day ago {gosh i've always wanted to say that. it makes me feel all wise and grandmother-y} i paid a visit to one of san francisco's little hidden gems. nothing like a good gem. chambers in the phoenix hotel. not in the nicest of areas, but well worth the trip.

i've had this photo pinned on my "i'm in love" pinterest board for almost a year! and, whaddyaknow i could recreate the act right here in my very own city!

i must admit, it's the most inspired i've ever felt in a bar. ever.

and, you know me, i do love my positive affirmations... as i sit here beneath the word D R E A M adorned to one of the four walls that surround me...

sweet {and amazing!} dreams to you. xoxo. 


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