Wednesday, May 30, 2012

so, i've never really done a true staycation before. have you? oh, i highly recommend that you give it a whirl! treasures are unveiled before your very eyes on your home turf.

well, dolls, we stuck right down to the definition and in essence, were tourists in our own city, visiting the east, north, and south bays. it's amazing how each one has something just as good as the other to offer. us northern californians are oh-so-lucky.

just a few snapshots for you...

so nice to have my long lost friend in town. dinner on fourth street in berkeley followed by an impromptu concert with a new fave, cris cab {he's about to go big, people!}.

angel island hiking adventures... it's the perfect hike, i swear. a five mile loop with three sixty views of the bay area. at the highest point you can see three bridges at once: bay, richmond-san rafael, and golden gate.

union square shopping interrupted with a quick break at the starlight room, one of san francisco's signature experiences at the top of the sir francis drake hotel. grateful for three day weekends!


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