Friday, May 18, 2012

the other night i was applying lip gloss, and as the wand hit my lip {sorry to get so sensual on you, it must be all of the fifty shades} i was immediately transported back in time. i couldn't quite put my finger on what exactly, but just a phase in life i used to apply the stuff.

this seems like the most pointless story, but it got me thinking about the impact of our sense of smell. in an instant, it has the power to completely conjure up the most intricate of memories {there's a term for this in psychology. as a psych major, i should really remember these things!}.

does that ever happen to you? like how thierry mugler - angel - plants me right back in high school in the thick of my first love. or the distinct and yet grotesque smell of sulfur makes me feel like i'm on a jog around the ucsb lagoon. 

i love this concept and i think i'll take a moment to be grateful for my nose {it is the one body part i am quite satisfied with, i must admit!}.

may you stop and smell the roses, darlings. and may it evoke nothing but blissful memories. the more the merrier. xoxo.

*luscious lips found here.


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