Friday, February 24, 2012

i am a lollygagger. a dillydally-er. self proclaimed.

these are funny words, don't you think? but, dolls, these are real words. like in the english dictionary!

lollygag (v): to spend time idly, aimlessly, or foolishly; dawdle
dillydally (v): to waste time, especially by indecision

the lolly's and the dilly's only happen in the morning, and at night. i take my sweeeeet time and saunter right on through at my own content pace. the sense of urgency comes as the day progresses, and winds down again in the eve.

i used to think this was a character flaw, but now i'm chalking it up to enjoying the moment {it's all about how we spin things, yes? an important lesson i learned in my professional life}.

so, i guess i am documenting this pointless piece of information because i realized i should be thankful for doing things at my own pace instead of rush rush rushing through each and every task. i might be late for a thing or two, or not maximize every waking moment, but sometimes slow and steady is nice. and, i'm grateful for it among the stress that is all-consuming at times.

so lollygag for a day or two with me, will you? see how it fits.

*swinging bliss found here.


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