Monday, February 20, 2012

i really love to chant, it's a well-known fact.

my favorite yoga teacher ever-so-kindly sent over the meaning to one of my most cherished chants. on several occasions i attempted googling what i thought was the correct spelling, but it turns out i couldn't have been more incorrect. sanskrit and i, we're not super acquainted yet. someday...

saturday morning i was secretly hoping the entire practice that anna would sing in that angelic voice of hers. sure enough, i was pleasantly surprised.

sachara chara para purna
shivoham shivoham
nityananda svaroopa
shivoham shivoham
anandoham, anandoham
anandoham, anandoham

 and here is an interpretation.

"this sutra is a powerful declaration of our own oneness with the divine.  we sing to the ultimate connection with god and the experience of truly being joyous in this moment of coming home. we are no longer isolated or alone. ever."

literal word translations.

sachara - belong to, be united to
para - another, other/ greatest, highest, supreme
purna - complete, full, fulfilled, filled with
nitya - constant, eternal, everlasting
ananda - delight, happiness, joy, pleasure, bliss
svaroopa -  consistency, kind, nature, quality
ham - i am that, i myself

this chant is so comforting, isn't it? it makes you feel as if you are never alone. and in a world where many people's greatest fear is that they will be alone {me sometimes included} this chant wipes that all away. there is something bigger. may you discover that unity.

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