the reverse graffiti project.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

recently, in my professional life, we received an rfp for clorox green works. at first glance i thought to myself, didn't this brand go under? it really is one of my favorite cleaning products... gets the job done in the kitchen, and is environmentally friendly {yes i'm actually discussing household products on it's all happening. i promise there's a point}.

i also secretly love this brand because of the subtle ad campaign that exists in the broadway tunnel here in san francisco. have you seen it? oh, you must check it out.

i learned about it a few years ago when s and i were minding our business driving through the tunnel in the prius {i was car sick, per usual}. she pointed out the graffiti-but-not-graffiti on the walls upon exiting. i love that greenworks ad, she exclaimed.

well, i recently connected the dots when i read about the reverse graffiti project. what a great story.

this short documentary explains the awesome concept behind the art project supported by green works. the artist uses cleaning as a work of art. how novel!

this is the type of advertising i love... highly relevant integration. as a consumer, i believe this product is safe on our earth, and i now associate it with a creative piece of art in my very own city. i'm buying!

that's all. i hope you are as fascinated as i am! xo.


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