Monday, March 26, 2012

i had one of those moments on this fine monday eve where i fully felt like myself. one hundred percent. hi me, i've been missing you. it was almost as if i came home. like, oh! it's so nice to see you again.

do you ever have moments like that? when other things kind of cloud your vision and consequently make you feel a bit out of step?

maybe it was the simplicity of the solo adventure. the familiarity of an old routine. even the heavy whole foods grocery bags making my fingers burn with numbness only added to the perfection of the moment. i thought about people i hadn't thought about in a while, revisited memories made, admired the high clouds, and contemplated my next turn on the route home. happy is what i think they call it.

things i'm leaving this day knowing...

daylight savings is a wonderful gift.

sometimes it's okay to have two kombuchas in one day. maybe it's even necessary.

an evening walk makes for great natural medicine.

a challenging sixty minute yoga class before bed just might lead to the best sleep you'll ever have. try it.

love yourself first and everything else falls into line {that one i owe credit to ms. lucille ball. i wear it as a daily reminder, and nights like tonight remind me of why i believe it to be true}.

*delights found here and here. funny how days and days after pinning a photo it can fit exactly how you want it to. oh, where oh where would we be without pinterest?


  1. Gean, great post. It really hit home with me. I've been so lost myself. Can't wait to see you this weekend!


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