i spy gratitude.

Monday, March 19, 2012

how about a little photo album of thankfulness? yes, i think so. a few things - as of late -  that make my life feel whole...

a friday treat after a long, hard week. anemones. i love this flower and finally learned its proper name. {i dream of white ones in a someday wedding.}

saturday morning cappuccino's. blue bottle, of course. nothing compares.

adventures! with the dearest of friends. quick jaunts across the bridge for a long-awaited spa day. soaking in the city from a different point of view. trying new eats in sausalito, one of my new favorite gems of a city.

sonoma sundays. happy birthday to b! a great day putting names to faces of some incredibly empowering young women, and cozily squeezing eleven of us in a ten person limo. discovered two darling new wineries: scribe and cline. just a hop, skip, and a jump from home.

finally, monday night therapy. had to visit the one and only before he departs for europe. it felt so good to be back.

...and that's a wrap!


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