and don't take the subway late at night.

Monday, February 18, 2013

i have never in my life been more grateful for two people than i am for my mom and dad. we've had some rocky years, the three of us, but we sure did make it through, now didn't we? it seems like a lot of tough sh*t {pardon my french here, although the circumstances do deserve a word a lot worse than that one} has happened lately. yes of course there has been so much good, but amongst the goodness came a whole lot of bad. rock bottom, in fact. stressful and unplanned situations, but guess who was there?

sometimes we all just need our parents. 

my mom and dad, they are truly the most supportive individuals a daughter could ask for, and i couldn't be more thankful i have them in my corner. 

and that's all i really wanted to tell you, sweet readers, on this president's day eve after mom and dad spent a full three days as east coasters. it was a weekend filled with walking and endless apartment viewing and discussing financial matters and freezing our buns off and bundling up and dining out and opening our eyes and hearts to a new life in a new city. i know it's hard adjustment you two, i really do, and i can see you digging deep to feel proud of me rather than fearful. for this i am oh-so-grateful.

honey, will you do something for me?
will you be careful? 
yes, of course.
you promise?
yeah dad, i will.
just be cognizant while you're walking around. 
i know, don't worry.
{long pause}.
and don't take the subway late at night. 

so yeah, thank you for loving me. 

*photo captured during our first time adventure to chelsea market.


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