the journey

Sunday, February 10, 2013

dolls, i miss you.

here's the truth... nyc has been keeping me quite the busy bee this past week. i'm a little lost, hence a lot of my energy is dedicated to finding my way instead of stopping in to write to you. between work and apartment hunting and navigating the streets, i don't have much left over {that and my darn corporate housing spotty internet}. but please know, i'm constantly opening my memo pad to jot down thoughts to you. like how sometimes waking up in a new place can be gut-wrenchingly difficult, but also how necessary it is to experience that feeling in order to grow. i'm loving every minute. even the tough ones. because i know it's all part of the journey.

i promise more will come when things settle a bit. just grant me a little more time to adjust, oh would you please!

until then, loving you.

*photo from my instagram - apartment with a view. 


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