lost and found.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

i sat on my first solo subway ride in new york city on a chilly sunday afternoon after being in the city for less than twenty four hours. it was the n train, and within sixty seconds of sitting down i started to cry.

i felt so inspired.

and mostly i was just so grateful to have this feeling back. it's one that used to catch me off guard at random moments in san francisco. on the bus… a street corner… driving across the bay bridge. it was a feeling that let me know i was supposed to be there, wherever there was.

but see, this overwhelming joyful inspiration disappeared over the past year, and i thought i may have lost it forever. i guess all it took was three thousand miles, public transportation, and a girl willing to take a big risk to get it back again.

oh you sly inspiration you, stay as long as you would like. i am so happy to have found you.

{picture via my new pin board nyc}


  1. I think this post alone is inspiring! I love how something so small can make you feel so big and inspired!! So glad you found it.


  2. love those moments. glad you got it back. hope to be seeing lots of new york pictures- it would be a dream to live there!


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