Wednesday, September 14, 2011

gazing is not the same as looking. have you ever thought about that?

in looking, there's a looker and a tangible object being looked at.

gazing, in contrast, is a method for looking beyond mundane objects. this is drishti, the technique of gazing toward the hazy realm of perception beyond the clearly focused. 

i had a thought about drishti and how it can be compared to our life journey. first off, we must look inward to discover who we really are on this voyage. instead of seeking external approval, the answers are all inside of us.

this is the basis of drishti. looking inward.

second, finding drishti can help us detach from our efforts, or life hardships. this helps us develop the ability to be generous and not attach importance to anger, fear, or any emotions that would prevent us from becoming sweeter and sweeter.  

i find it to be much better if we gaze at life on this journey. interpret it, appreciate it, and realize it's bigger than us. allow things to flow in and out of our vision, but not get caught up in one tiny object, the unnecessary details that can bring us down.

**oh, i sure do hope that makes sense. sometimes it fits perfectly in this brain 'o mine and then, well, it gets late and what seemed like such a good story this morning when i was all bright eyed and bushy tailed kind of falls by the wayside {please note, i originally wrote 'goes off the way side' which doesn't even fit here, as it insinuates the road ending. what road, gina?}. the fact that i'm attempting these idioms - is that what they're called? - when i'm too tired to even google. inexcusable! but, just one last thing, don't you just want to be sitting in a circle chanting and praying with these gals? i sure do. there's always tomorrow. do me a favor, will you? start your day with a little sun salutation, surya namaskara. honor this day. namaste.


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