plan b attitudes.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

so you guys, i have to introduce you to one of my sweeeetest new friends. oh, she's so cool.

meet layla. she's my pilates instructor!

yes, you heard me. p-i-l-a-t-e-s. it's been years since i've touched the stuff.

but every tuesday and thursday at our work exercise class, i'm requesting let's get those deep, internal abdominals so my core will be strong, and more powerful than ever. and flat. well, that's the hope anyway.

she speaks my language with her darlings and dears and when you're done you're done. and, she even touches on my most favorite talk of all, you know, stuff about the universe.

one day in class, before attempting headstands, she taught us this great saying her mom - louise - says {who happens to be a yoga teacher...all of the good ones are, aren't they!?} when you're having a bad day...

alright ladies, let’s grab an apple and a hunk of cheese and put on our plan b attitudes. go upside down and get your ass over your head. now, lay down, tell the universe what you need and it’ll come to you.

we all need a plan b, wouldn't you agree? to get upside down every now and then. shake things up. keep them a-movin' and a-flowin' {another thing we talk about often}.

i heart my new friend. i know you will too.


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