jazz hands.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

loves, i've missed you.

i just wanted to stop in and tell you a little tiny sweet something {but please know i've been thinking about you nonstop since i last wrote}.

i dusted off the 'ol jazz shoes last night.

are you picturing jazz hands, jazz boxes, sashays, pas de bourrées, kick ball changes, and fan kicks? because you should be.

jazz is pure sass.

it occurred to me why i was so confident as a little girl. because i was a damn good dancer.

i want to find that girl again. to trust my body and know that there is grace in there. a true gift, if i just let go.

great lesson learned from just one class. 

a special thanks to my dancing pal for adventuring with me. she's got the moves like jagger, moves like jagger. photo found here.


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