reverse gravity. go on, do it.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

so i practiced for just short of five hours today. yup, you heard me. five. three of them were specifically dedicated to arm balances and inversions. you know, where your feet are over your head. many little epiphanies and moments of sheer joy and laughter, but also moments of fear and fatigue happened along the way.

symbolic for life, i guess.

and it's really just that, isn't it? inversions are a representation of how we face life. and, just as we rely on our arms in these poses, we constantly strive for balance.

when we reverse gravity, our bodies must adjust to this intense change in energy. practicing head stands, hand stands, and arm balances - oh my! - forces us to get out of our comfort zone and see things a bit differently, and with a fresh perspective.

they help us face our fears.

there is this moment that occurs when we are able to balance upside down for just an extra split second. it makes the whole process worth it. when that feeling clicks internally, you know you've learned something. 

in my opinion, inversions are just practice for real life. keep trying. put forth your best effort so that those seconds of really getting it extend to minutes, hours, days, and years. 

if we frequently and voluntarily reverse gravity, and maybe one day something in our lives catches us completely off guard - you know the saying ...turns our world upside down - we'll be much better prepared for that moment. no sweat off our backs. 

i take that back, there's lots of sweat.

sorry to be all preachy on you, loves. i hope you had the bestest of best weekends.


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