lazy daisy.

Monday, September 5, 2011

it feels so nice to stay in bed past noon and just be. i never allow myself to do this, ever. just lay, have no schedule, except to pop out of bed for a bowl of cereal with fresh blueberries, only to hop right back in.

wasting hours and hours pinteresting and catching up on one of my most favorite worlds, the blog one.

have i ever told you i have this thing for bookshelves?

like, i lust after them. there's something so lovely and elegant and mysterious about a bookshelf. if you really look at the book titles - dust-ridden and quite possibly untouched for years and years - you can really learn a lot about a person.

i thought in the spirit of this lazy day i'd share my leaning crate&barrel bookshelves with you.

you can really cram all that is important to you on several simple horizontal pieces of wood. that's why i love them.

let your personality shine with your bookshelves. xo.


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