Thursday, September 22, 2011

so, dooce is the first blog i ever read.

blog? what's a blog? i'd never heard of one before.

it was love at first post. heather armstrong is as good as they come, my dear friends. the perfect mix of wit and charm and humor and sap.

i once went on an adventure to see her live in person, oh my, and i've been thankful for her (here and here) back during the birth of my very own blog. i'd be lying if i said she didn't inspire me to start my own.

so give her a read. laugh out loud. and maybe even a cry a little. this is exactly what i did late last week when i caught up on over sixty unread posts. apparently, a lot can happen in three months.

happy reading. xoxo.

*photo directly from one of dooce's monthly creative headers.


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